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V olumetric Imaging Centers provides a comprehensive series of services designed to support your treatment plan. The services are available individually or in packages to support common issues.


What is Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT)-

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Only the NewTom automatically adjusts the radiation dose based on the patient's density!.

Doctors can view the images from a printout, or upload electronically from a CD or FTP Site

Volumetric Imaging Centers Offer both a verticle and a horizontal machine to meet the wide range of requirements from both our providers and patients.

Volumetric Imaging C enters is motivated by the belief that great, innovative technology helps build great practices. We offer industry-recognized dental imaging services, using the NewTom system. This empowers dentists to provide a higher level of patient care. We deliver great value with a full range of services for basic and advanced treatment plans.

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Volumetric Imaging Centers
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