Astra Tech develops, manufactures and markets advanced healthcare devices for single use and dental implants.  (Astra is a Preferred VIC Partner, please contact Joanne Clarke at (412)-651-6298 or email for additional information)

Technical software, medical applications or prototyping services

The world's first Interactive 3D Implant Planning System for more Accurat
e and Predictable Treatment Planning of Dental Implants.

Our objective at 3DX is to help Maxillofacial diagnostic imaging centers
provide superior quality health care service to its clients. Weather you are a
hospital radiology department or a stand-alone imaging center our
experienced medical image processing team could save you time and
money. Consider 3DX as your outsourced provider for 3D rendering, data
archival and networking solutions.

Biomedical Modeling Inc. specializes in the production of physical solid models from data generated from MRI or CT scans.

Implant Logic Systems is the producer of innovative products designed to simplify implant dentistry for Implant Surgeons and Restorative Doctors alike. Our "VIP", Virtual Implant Placement software, allows doctors to perform CT Scan treatment planning prior to surgery. This software allows the doctor to pre-surgically select the optimal implant locations, thus increasing accuracy and reducing stress and surgical time. Our Compu-Guide Surgical Template System TM integrates with our VIP software and allows surgeons to perform computer-guided surgery with depth-limiting drills. Our Compu-Cast TM system allows restorative doctors to fabricate provisionals for immediate loading. Precision, efficiency and minimally invasive surgery are the cornerstones of our systems and enable the doctor to provide straightforward prosthetic outcomes.

I-Dent Imaging produces software for the planning and placement of dental implants.
I-Dent simplifies and speeds up implant placement through the digital production of surgical guides for accurate and minimally invasive placement of implants.

CADImplant is the easiest and most precise system for minimally invasive implant placement and works with all commercially available implant systems. CADImplant is based on over 10 years of patented research and development from one of the world's leading robotic and computer navigation labs. CADImplant's surgical guide is made by your dental laboratory from the normal prosthetic model eliminating the cost of CT scan segmentation and guide fabrication by rapid prototyping. You do the virtual planning using CADImplant's user friendly software. CADImplant also provides for cost effective and fast preparation for Immediate Loading. CADImplant is both FDA approved and CE marked and has seven peer reviewed publications available.

Medical Modeling specializes in providing tactile models produced from medical imaging studies. Using data from Imaging Sciences' iCAT the company is able to produce ClearView® and OsteoView® anatomical models useful in preparing for complex cranio-maxillofacial reconstruction cases. These highly accurate physical models produced using rapid prototyping techniques allow for unparalleled surgical planning, including design/placement of osteotomies, sizing or customization of devices, grafts and more.

Medical Modeling's newest product introduction, the AccuDental™ System, provides dental implantologists with extremely accurate models of bone, teeth and even mucosal anatomy to allow for hands-on implant planning. The system provides everything needed to simulate implant placement and take that plan to the patient using traditional surgical guides.

DenX Ltd. develops and markets the world's most advanced image-guided technology for dental training and clinical implementation. DenX's exclusive 3D graphics and real-time image processing are used by leading dental institutions in the U.S., Europe and Asia for maximum precision and effectiveness.

Dolphin Imaging and management solutions is a leading technology company for the specialized dental professionals. We develop state-of-the-art software and integrate costomized computer technologies to private practices and educational institutions worldwide.

With more than 125 3D systems sold worldwide, the Company has pioneered the economic use of highly precise (<0.5mm RMS) 3D surface images for routine application in the clinical lifecycle and high volume biometric application in 3D face recognition initiatives (Qlonerator). 3dMD's soft tissue images are being used to assist with documenting, measuring, assessing, and categorizing a patient's medical condition and his/her response to treatment.

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