Thank you for your interest in Volumetric Imaging Centers of Pittsburgh, the first CBCT imaging center catering to dental professionals in the Pittsburgh area.  We offer a full range of imaging services to meet your specific set of needs.  The reports our center are able to produce are vastly superior to tradition dental radiographs.  They will assist in providing an accurate dental treatment plan. 

About the NewTom 3G:

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Only the NewTom automatically adjusts the radiation dose based on the patient's density!.

NewTom 3G is a state-of-the-art evolution of a previous model. NewTom 3G takes advantage of the know-how and experience that QR has collected over the years in the field of volumetric (3D) radiographic imaging. The traditional NewTom structure (gantry and patient's table) represents the best ergonomical way to perform the examination. The patient, lying comfortably on the table, is in the most effective position to execute the scan. The scan time and the radiation dose have been extremely reduced.

The scan is completed in just 36 seconds with just 5 to 9 seconds of actual radiation exposure. 360 individual X-rays, one for each degree of rotation, are taken during the scan.

Only the NewTom automatically adjusts the radiation dose based on the patient's density! This means a small child may receive up to 40% less radiation than the already very low dose for a full sized adult. With other systems, the radiation level is the same regardless of patient size!

High quality images are produced with different format and resolution options. The specially designed user friendly software allows for analysis of the patient data volume in any 2D and 3D views. The data set can be exported into a standard DICOM 3.0 format, this will allow the NewTom data to be used with many of the third party applications that are available in the market today. All this is setting a standard for the NewTom 3G as an outstanding state of the art device in the field of volumetric dental and maxillofacial radiology.

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